Wednesday, February 5, 2014

... Lilypad Lacquer - True Blood ...

Howdy! Today I'm wearing something that I was asked to swatch for friends once they realised I had this beauty. This is True Blood by Lilypad Lacquer. Sadly I had it sitting in a drawer until last week but look at it!!

This is 3 coats of fast drying excellence. No need for a aqua base or anything, just put it on your nails and walk out the door, ready to face the day! Oddly, I didn't like this before I went outside. I didn't think the dark colour worked for me at all but that all changed in the sunlight. Happy happy holo! I'm very glad I gave it a chance before throwing it in the swap pile.

Sadly, True Blood has been discontinued but you can find it on blogsales and in swap groups. Please just keep in mind that there are a few versions with slightly different shades floating around so you might pick up a bottle that is different to this. There are a few versions of TB around the place but after lots of asking around and investigation, this appears to be the original version released.


  1. This is gorgeous!!! The good ones are always hard to find.

  2. Oh, I had no idea this was discontinued! I was lucky enough to score one of these. It's beautiful!


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