Tuesday, July 24, 2012

... 7 days 7 ways - Day 2 Gradient

Incase you missed yesterdays post I'm going for 7 days wearing Rimmel 60 second - 460 Limealicious.

I'm just going for a quick gradient look today. I'm going to use another Rimmel from the I love Lasting Finish range called 238 Forest. Sadly Forest is discontinued *sobs* but you can still find it from time to time in clearance bins if you have a good eye. Anyway it's a beautiful "Forest" Green with a secret green shimmer that appears when you look closely. Love!!

This is also a quick and easy way to fix a manicure if you have tip wear appearing! Also there is no right or wrong way in regards to gradients. Some people like clean lines, others like random areas - it's totally up to you.
This look is really easy to create and there are a lot of tutorials out there on how to do it so I won't go into it. Personally I just use makeup sponges [you can buy a cheap bag of them for like $2] and just tear them into smaller pieces. Practice makes all the difference with gradients and my top tip is patience. Wait for each layer to dry [or stick a quick dry top coat on] before sponging some more colour on. To smooth it all out after use a top coat.

See you tomorrow for Day 3!


  1. Good choice for day two!! I love 7 days 7 ways!!

  2. Hey! :D This looks exactly like a gradient I once did. I added glitters and called them my snake nails!


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