Monday, July 16, 2012

... Coral Colors Magnetic Nail - Blue Appeal ...

Coral Colors Magnetic Nail - Blue Appeal
Purchased from Chemplus - $7.95 AUD 
Like Alluring Violet the previous Coral Color I looked at ... Blue Appeal is an extremely pretty polish by itself without having to rely on the magnetism to make it stand out. It's a shame there isn't a non-magnet version.

I've used a single thick coat for these swatches like the instructions say and I found it was surprisingly quick drying considering. Also I've used the stripe magnets that came on the top of the bottle and actually after previously using it for Alluring Violet I found this really easy to use! Awesome! [Hint! Just roll it from side to side slowly and without hitting your nail!]
Oooh pretty glitter stripes. Also this was a beautiful winter polish to wear on those rainy days. Not too overpowering but still stunning.
Pretty bottle shot ... sparkle sparkle!
Oh and I'll leave you with a matte shot to show how truely beautiful this is! 
** Final Verdict **
Such a beautiful colour. Fast drying and definitely easy to use with the magnet supplied. The only fault really with this polish is the fact that Coral Colors don't supply any other magnet designs with it! If you are into the magnetic look then you might want to look out for this one.


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