Wednesday, July 25, 2012

... 7 days 7 ways - Day 3 Stamping ...

Day 3 already? Wow!

Today I wanted to do some stamping but I really struggled to find a design that would work well with lime green until I saw this.
[Image provided by Google Images from]

I've rediscovered my love for the game Plants vs Zombies lately. My youngest is ill and there is only so much daytime TV you can handle without going inside.
This design is from the Fun 1 stamping plate that is available from Fab Ur Nails. There are so many fun designs on this plate. It's well worth the money! The black is just NYC Color in Night.
I kinda ruined it by not waiting for the stamping to dry before I put on a top coat but I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out!

Now ... back to those zombies!!


  1. haha so so cute!!

  2. Howdy anyone who is visiting from the link from Plants vs Zombies on Facebook :)

    The stamp is from the Fun1 stamping plate and it's available here at Fab Ur Nails!!

  3. I would love to see the rest of this edition of 7 ways 7 days. It inspired me to do my own version starting today.


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