Monday, October 7, 2013

... Aussie Nails Monday - Halloween Decor ...

Woohoo! 2 posts in a month! That's a record ;) I hope there is cake to celebrate :D

Today is Aussie Nail Monday and todays theme is "Halloween Decor". Now, currently I'm travelling and supplies are extremely limited. I have a handful of polishes to choose from that I found stuffed in the dark dark corners of my handbag and if anything, this has really challenged my creativity.

I decided to just go for spiderwebs. I'm not sold by these but I'm glad I gave it ago.

I chose OPI A Woman's Prague-ative as the base and it's a gorgeous orangy bronze which I think is a beautiful Halloween colour and my spiderwebs are in OPI DS Radiance and Ulta3 Black Satin

So, as I mentioned I'm travelling and that means I don't have a whole heap of nail art tools at my disposal. This was made using a toothpick and some of those dental flossers. You know, these things!

I thought by painting the dental floss in polish I'd be able to get some beautiful straight lines happening. Yeah. It didn't really go to plan. The silver in particular is way too thick and considering the size of my super nubs it doesn't seem to work.

Ambitious but rubbish!!

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