Friday, October 18, 2013

... Love Thy Polish - Swamp Monster ...

I recently travelled way up north to Roxby to visit Emma from Love Thy Polish and be a part of the super wrapping production line!! Never will I personally complain about sorting and wrapping 30 polishes for a group buy again! I don't know how the indie girls do it!!
Pic by me on Instagram - Check me out if you don't already follow!

One of the pretties I walked away with\from my adventure to LTP was Swamp Monster which is a limited edition for Halloween. It's a glitter top coat full of beautiful neon green and black. I wasn't sure how I wanted to wear this but I'm currently giving OPI Alpine Snow GelColor a test run and I wondered what it would look over white. Add some dodgy nail art and it looks pretty good!

The Mike face is made with OPI Did It On 'Em, Ulta3 Lily White, piCture pOlish Black and Zoya Yummy. I was pretty impressed to be honest as my nails are still super nubby. I only have small nail beds and it's a real good challenge to get in there and paint!

The only downside was the bubbles that decided to appear as part of the top coat *sighs* Oh well. Lesson learnt.

Anyway! Swamp Monster! Get it!!! If you are international and want one, just drop Em an email and I'm sure she can point you in the right direction!!

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