Wednesday, January 23, 2013

... Australia Day Nails ... Australia Flags

I told a few friends I was doing this challenge and they were a bit miffed as they don't want to attempt nail art but still want pretty nails and they felt left out. Well never fear!!!

You too can have snazzy Aussie flag nails in 4 really simple steps!!

1 - Drive to the shops
2 - Buy nails
3 - Drive home
4 - Apply

Done!! Now you can sit back with a cold one and watch the cricket!

But seriously ... I hardly ever wear false nails because they bug the hell out of me but these weren't too bad and aren't super long and annoying.

These are what I used - Press & Go nails. And they seriously were press and go! For non-glue nails they held up surprisingly long considering I seem to lose one within the first hour.  I picked mine up from Priceline!

The first thing you notice when you open the box is the packaging!
It made me laugh as it's a giant polish bottle! Took me awhile to realise that you had to unscrew the lid to get the container open ... duh!

And incase you get stuck there is handy instructions plus a QR code to an instructional video! But really it's pretty easy.

And here's the results ...

There are 2 different flag designs in the box. One is a full union jack and the other is half but I think it worked out pretty well as a mixture.

** Check out some other awesome Aussie nail art below!! **


  1. These look fantastic. Beautifully done stick ons with a gradient background and everything. I really like both designs too and I think your mix of both is perfect. Love the packaging too. If I'd seen these I would have definitely bought at packet too!

  2. @Kitties26 - Cheers mate. I was surprised how much I liked these considering I've never gotten on well with falsies!

  3. Hahha!! MY kind of nail art - ready, set, done!


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