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Tip Top Nail Chic polishes
Available from Tip Top Nails

When I say South Africa what do you think of?? Personally I think of cricket! HA HA HA! With summer in full swing it's an perfectly acceptable Aussie response!

But how about South African nail polish??? I had no idea there were South African brands until these pretties arrived in the mail!!

These are from the company Tip Top [no not the bread place fellow Aussies! Good on ya mum!] and I've quite enjoyed playing with them. They are quick drying and they have a beautiful brush and they apply fantastically!!

The set came with the Tip Top Top and Base Coat - I found this really easy to use and while the top coat wasn't a fast dry, it still dried reasonably quickly!

Let's get too the colours ... This beautiful green is "We have An Green-Mint". I love amusing polish names. They make me smile.

I wasn't sold on this in the bottle but on the nails ... woah!! Loving it so much!!  The world needs more green polishes! The colour reminded me of Granny Smith Apples ... om nom nom nom!

The blue is called "Blue my Whistle" - there is a super pretty blue shimmer that appears in the bottle for this colour but I couldn't get it to replicate on my nails. Shame but it's still a super pretty blue.

Next time I need a sky blue I'm heading straight to this one! Stunning!

The orange is "Orange you lovely" ... and it's a gorgeous shade of orange. It's such a summer colour aswell!

These photos don't justify how vibrant and bright this shade is! You might need to locate your sunnies!

And finally this is Chiffon Squares which is a silver and contrasts the other 3 polishes nicely.

While it's not entirely opaque at 3 coats it's still a stunner and it still looks great by itself or as an accent nail for the other colours!

And I'll finish off with some assorted nail art!

Dotty Dotty Dot!

Big thick stripes!

Polishes were provided for review but all opinions, Aussie humour and dodgy photography are my own!

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