Friday, January 18, 2013

... Chi Chi - Pink Flamingos in the Pool ...

Chi Chi - Pink Flamingos in the Pool
Available from Target and Myer - this bottle was gifted ;)

Happy 2013 everyone!!

I'm back after a super break. Miss me?? I've been on 2 holidays ... broke my nails so badly ... and wore the same polish for 2 weeks straight. But I'm refreshed and I'll be making up for lost time in the days to come!!  I seem to have a lot of photos and draft posts to get out!!

I'm kicking off my year with this beauty that Kristy over at The Polish Haven gave me for Christmas. It's from Chi Chi and it's Pink Flamingos in the Pool.
I love pretty pinks and this didn't look too bad on my super nubs at all. YAY!!!!
And there is a sneaky surprise in the bottle with a blue tinge. I could not get this to reflect on my nails no matter how hard I tried *sighs* But here's a snazzy bottle shot for you so you can see what I'm talking about.

ChiChi generally have amusing polish names and I'm assuming this one is a reference to the line in the Katy Perry song Last Friday night *queue music*

One of my main blog resolutions for 2013 is to do more stamping and nail art! I couldn't find any flamingo stamps in my vast collection but I saw Katy in concert in 2011 ... and her stage was all candy and lollipops so I went with that theme.
I've used the fantastic A01 plate from Lilic's for this design. Icecream, candy, cupcakes ... nom nom nom nom nom.
Pretty pretty pretty! Katy would be proud!! Oh ... wanna know the best part??? Put it into the sun!!
Sparkle Sparkle!!! I've used Color Club Blue Heaven for the stamp! YAY for holo stamping!!
Man those Color Club Holo Hues stamp fine!!!
** Final Verdict **
This is an awesome pink. Perfect for summer as it's so fun and vibrant. While I wasn't sold on the stamping to start off with I loved it in the sun!! Maybe next time I'll add more holo ;)  These Color Clubs are fantastic to stamp with!! Get on it!!


  1. Looks lovely on you and the holo stamping is great

  2. Cute colour, gotta get me some Chi Chi!

  3. I love this! So bright and happy :)

  4. This is actually such a perfect shade of pink! And I adoreee the stamping haha

  5. @Kristy - Thanks mate :)

    @A Polished Prance - You should. They are lovely!!

    @Reece - *squish* Thank you

    @Cindy - It's awesome hey!! And yes ... holo stamping FTW


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