Saturday, January 19, 2013

... Pretty Serious - Blue Gums on Boxing Day ...

Pretty Serious - Blue Gums on Boxing Day
Available from Pretty Serious Cosmetics - $9.95 AUD

Here's one from the memory card and I'll admit ... I wore this on Boxing Day!! Excuse the poor nubs. I am hard on my nails at the best of times but I always have breaks while travelling. Lugging suitcases and what not around - it takes it's toll.
So this is Pretty Serious - Blue Gums on Boxing Day. If you haven't seen Pretty Serious polishes around then where have you been living?? They are a fantastic Aussie brand who have the most beautiful polishes.
So Blue Gums is obviously green and there is a sneaky blue fleck surprise hidden behind all that green goodness!!
And using the Fun1 plate I've done some stamping that had good intentions that didn't appear the way I wished it too.  I've used the "Blues" design ... you know Blues and Guitar ... Blue Gums ... well I thought it was amusing at the time *is the only one in the world laughing*
I used Santas Sunburn for the stamp and I probably should have chosen something more contrasting. Lesson learnt!
** Final Verdict **
Like every other Pretty Serious polish I owe, Kaz has outdone herself with this as it's a beauty. If you love greens then get on this!!

Oh ... I've read on numerous blogs that they were expecting this to be a "blue" and don't get the Blue Gum reference! The Aussie in me finds that amusing but it's basically a tree. There are many variations of blue gums. I'm not a gardener so I have no idea if this pic is actually of the right type of tree ... but it's pretty regardless!!!

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