Tuesday, January 22, 2013

... Australia Day Nails - Kangaroo Sign ...

*queue appropriate YouTube clip*

So for the non Aussies ... Saturday is Australia Day down here.  What's Australia Day? Well it's basically like the 4th of July but with more of the 3 B's ... Beach, BBQs and Bogans!

A few beautiful Aussie ladies are getting into the spirit [spirits?? vodka please!] and going the week with fantastic Aussie designs. So here is my effort today which is kangaroos.

I've used Hello Yellow from Cate Ruby and stamped on top using the Konad Aussie plate A1 that is available here.

What's that skip?? Sarah Claire was too lazy to go out and take her own photo of a kangaroo sign and had to source this one from google images??

Credit ... iStockphoto

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  1. Those roos stamped really well

    lol @ "what's that Skip?

  2. Pssssst....Australia Day is on Saturday, not Friday :p

  3. These are great - I have to get that stamping plate. Those roos looks so much better than my decal ones from last year!


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