Wednesday, November 20, 2013

... Lilypad Lacquer - Bubble Yummo ...

I've been wanting to try this one out for awhile but haven't gotten around to it before now! Glad I've finally got it on my fingertips!!

This beautiful pink is Bubble Yummo from the creative holographic genius that is Nicole from Lilypad Lacquer *drools*

Now, sadly you'll notice that I'm not holding the beautiful pink holo bottle. That's because I got up to grab my camera after painting and this happened.

For never was a story of more woe, than this of Sarah Claire and her Bubble Yummo.

Yes. I dropped it and snapped the neck with 95% of the contents spilling onto my lounge room floor. Unlike Romeo and Juliet, my tale has a happier ending. A beautiful stranger has offered to replace my bottle which was beyond kind and I am still really quite speechless in expressing my gratitude.

Now back to the polish! Obviously, it's bright pink! These shots are of 3 coats and although the camera shows some Visible Nail Line (VNL)  Bubble Yummo isn't a super strong linear holographic polish but it's still a holo never the less. I thought it was beautiful as I love the pink colour but having a secret hidden rainbow was fantastic! YAY!


  1. Wuah, bummer about the spilt polish but how wonderful you're getting another bottle! This polish is fabulous!!


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