Thursday, October 4, 2012

... Avon - Rainbow Blue ...

Avon - Rainbow Blue
So I did mention that I've been busy lately and what has been taking up my time was rather unexciting. I wasn't lying there! It was major Spring Cleaning!! It was boring but needed to be done ... and took up all my blog time.

I discovered The Organised Housewife's blog and started my way through September armed with my bottle of Pine O Clean. [I highly recommend printing out her 20 days to an organised home if you are thinking about having a decent cleanout soon!!! ]

Anyway ... I came across this gem hidden in the back of my bathroom cabinet. Never been opened.

And yes you read the title right ... this is an Avon polish. Apparently they made a range of Holographics???? Who knew!!! The range is called "Rainbow" which is appropriate and the little silver rainbow on the box is a holo too.
I sure as hell didn't and Google has been limited help on this. I've gathered it was available around 2003 and I know that my bottle definitely came from my mother.

All these swatches are 3 coats. 3 magificent coats!!! No top coat. The only downfall I can find is if I'm super picky ... the size is tiny! It's not mentioned how many mls it holds but I'm sure it's not a lot!

As to where to buy ... well ... I have no idea and assume they are long sold out. There is nothing on eBay that I can see *sad* I want the rest now. Oh and here it it is without any direct sunshine as it's a really pretty colour!
And another ...
** Final Verdict **
I've been jealous of people who have super great finds from polishes long ago so I'm glad my turn came up!!! If you manage to find one of these in your collection then hug it tight! Luck is definitely on your side!!


  1. such an awesome find and the bottle looks pretty cute

  2. This is so pretty! I had no idea Avon ever made nail polish haha

  3. Wow great find it's super pretty!

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  5. No freaking way. It's like take two of when I discovered the fx top coat from Avon. I cant believe how progressive they were back then and we were all to polish dumb to realize!

  6. Avon...holo?? :O what sorcery is this?? Amazing and so gorgeous!


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