Friday, October 12, 2012

... This is Halloween Nail Art Challenge - Jack-O-Lanterns

Whoops! It seems a missed a challenge but I'll try to catch some ghosts later this month! Todays challenge was Jack O Lanterns. I'll be honest - I've never carved a freaky jack o lantern face before ... but I did carve a decent one last year that I blogged about here.

Anyway ... here's my take. It's nothing special but it was worth trying! The base is Illamasqua Optimist, the black is Color Colours Black Sateen and the beautiful holo on the thumb and pinky is actually Layla Flash Black layered over the Illamasqua for a bit of a different look.

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  1. Cute! I'd like to do something fun for Halloween this year, but my hands aren't really steady enough.

  2. these are way cute, I like how the thumb & pinkie are different

  3. Very cute! I got sick and tired of trying to make jack-o-lantern nails. I just don't have the free hand skills ;(


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