Saturday, October 27, 2012

... Flormar - U05 ...

Flormar U05
Gifted - unsure where to buy in Australia *sad*

Some of you may have seen these pictures earlier in the month as a guest post at The Polish Haven but I've been totally loving this polish lately so I'm reposting it!!

This little bottle of Flormar recently arrived at my doorstep and man it's fantastic!! It's vibrant, it's fun, it's shiny and most of all it seems to get some good wear time!! What more could a girl want??
All of my pictures show 3 coats with a fast try topcoat on top for extra shiny! I found it quick drying on it's own without the fast try topcoat and it's definitely easy to apply.

There is a slight gold shift going on aswell which I've tried to capture here for you. It's really pretty and appears when you least expect it!!!

In full sun it's deliciously pink.Sparkle sparkle!! Love Love Love

** Final Verdict **
I do like these Flormars. They seem to last forever without chipping and they are pretty colours. The fact it's fast drying is a bonus aswell. Worth while getting if you are able to source them.

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