Tuesday, October 23, 2012

... This is Halloween Nail Art - Bats ...

Ah better late than never!  I took these shots on time but failed to get around to editing and uploading so apologies about that.

Like Cathy over at More Nail Polish I was a bit of smartypants at "Bats" ;)
Made me chuckle anyway ... even though that pinky is looking very plastic like.

I ended up using some Halloween nail art stickers that I was given last year and I didn't get around to using. These are placed over Essie Pansy which I'll review another day!
** Click here for some other Bat Nail Art **


  1. LOVE your smarty pants idea!! Made me laugh which is so what I needed since I'm having a rather bad day :( And your real bats are awesome too! Great job! :)

  2. Love the cricket bats and I like those halloween stickers too.


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