Wednesday, October 24, 2012

... FNUG comparison post ...

Bit of a quick comparison post for you today that I've been trying to put together for a few weeks.

I received my beautiful FNUG holos from Harlow & Co and I was asked about comparisons! So here goes ...


First up is the silver which is called Psychedelic and I've picked out 5 holo silvers to compare this with
Left to Right ... Gosh Holographic, FNUG Psychedlic, Gosh Holographic Hero, NfuOh 61 and Jade Psicodelica

I couldn't find my MUS holo which is disappointing but as you can see the FNUG is snug between the 2 versions of GOSH Holographic. Like GOSH and NfuOh you need to apply carefully or you will get drag and bald spots. Very beautiful though!! I've been told that the KOH silver holographic is more brighter but I don't have that polish *sad*

I don't have many green holographics *sad* I'm taking it as a sign I need more!!!  Fantastica slots in on the "Wheel of Holo" in between Glitter Gal Green [or Glossy Moss if you have the large bottle] and China Glaze L8R G8R
Left to Right ... Glitter Gal Green, FNUG Fantastica, China Glaze L8R G8R

The FNUG is definitely like it's silver brother and applies a lot more dense than polishes like Glitter Gal. While I don't have Ozotic green I do have the Chemistry equivalent as it's not as holo as the Glitter Gal so I haven't shown it here.
Left to Right ... Chemistry 515, Layla Ocean Rush, FNUG Futuristica, NfuOh 65

The FNUG is definitely the same shade as the NfuOh but with more holo and less patchy bald spots! The poor Layla just gets left behind ... awwww.

For all of these FNUG polishes you will need some sort of Aqua Base or there will be issues! You've been warned!!

I hope that helps people out. I'm happy to do more holo comparisons if I have them in my collection but I've picked out the few from the "ring of holo" which are the most similar in colour and holo rainbow!


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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