Monday, June 16, 2014

... Aussie Nail Monday - Super Heroes and Villians

Hiya! Welcome to another episode of Aussie Nail Monday. Todays theme is Super Heroes and Villians which is quite exciting! It also gave me an excuse to grab the stamping plates!

I've chosen Iron Man and I've used Essie Bordeaux, Essence A Piece of Forever and piCture pOlish Nude. While I think that the colours work really well together if I had to do this mani again I wouldn't use the Essie. Being a jelly it was just too thin and runny for what I wanted to do. Also I found it really hard to match the opacity on each nail.

Iron Man is reversed stamped from the FUN 11 plate and I think he looks quite good considering the issues I had with Bordeaux.

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