Saturday, June 7, 2014

... Lego Wyldstyle Nails ...

I recently went to a birthday party with my youngest son and wore nails featuring Wyldstyle from The Lego Movie. There is a reason why I flunked art in high school and it's because I make things look like a 2 year old with a crayon has been past but I've been trying extremely hard lately so I hope that I can continue improving this year!

I've used my favourite yellow for the base which is ChiChi "Walkin on sunshine" (woahhhhhhhh-ohhhh) and I've used Zoya "Jewell" for the lips and the pink hair, Nails Inc "Baker Street" for the blue hair and the rest is acrylic paint.

It was looking really good actually until I smudged it with topcoat *sad face* I'm still not used to using the acrylic paint and forget to make sure it's super dry. Just pretend it's her mascara after she gets sad cos Batman leaves her hanging.

Smudges and all I think it looks fab. I'm definitely getting better drawing in minature and honestly, if my kids (and all those at this party) could work out who it was then it's a plus in my book! I'll definitely give other lego characters a go in the future as I very much enjoyed these!

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