Friday, June 13, 2014

... Zoya Maya and Zoya Chloe ...

Hiya readers.

I'm been lucky enough to contract bronchitis in the last few days but I'm hoping to keep putting along with daily posts for you.

It's a real short one today but I found this while looking through my memory card and while it's a bit of a nail fail, I wanted to show it anyway as a lesson to myself that you just can't always tell what the camera is picking up.  I only took a small amount of pictures of this combo before I decided it wasn't worth the effort as the replays weren't looking anything like the original colour but when I looked at it today on the PC, it's closer than I thought it would be.

The camera doesn't always tell you the truth.

This is the extremely gorgeous Zoya Maya and I used Zoya Chloe on White for an accent nail. Chloe is a beautiful fleck polish in a pink tinted base but it didn't work for me here. I should have just layered it by itself or on a nude instead of on white.

So the lessons here are a) to keep on practicing and b) that your instincts aren't always right.

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