Wednesday, June 4, 2014

... Glam Polish - Dancing In The Moonlight ...

Todays pretty is from the April edition of the Aussie polish subscription box "What's In-Die Box". It's called "Dancing in the Moonlight" and it's from Glam Polish.


This is a gorgeous polish that has a lot going on. I definitely don't think my photos give it enough credit but it's seriously pretty.  Firstly it's a shade of blurple but there is also pinky purple and blue shimmer going on in the background which is a pleasant surprise.

This was the "hint"  photo given for this shade and I think it really capture the colour quite well. Unlike some of the other polish boxes out there, What's In-Die Box is super secret until you get your box in the mail. It's always nice to get a surprise and I honestly haven't been disappointed with the boxes that I've received.

Sadly I had zero natural sunlight come my way while the camera was out to showcase it's beauty in the light.

If you want to find out more about What's In-Die Box, check out it's Facebook page here and you can find more beautiful Glam Polish polishes here!

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