Thursday, June 5, 2014

... Mani Swap with Natalia from @Cats_n_nails ...

I've always wanted to do a Mani Swap and this month really seemed like a great time to have one! I've teamed up with Natalia from over at @cats_n_nails on Instagram and Cats-n-nails on blogger, and we are each doing our own take on a mani that each of us has done in the past. I've chosen to try and recreate this pretty mani while she has chosen to recreate one that I've previously done.

Dots, dots and more dots! Now, frequent visitors to Shatter me Claire will have realised that dots and myself have only recently decided to be friends. Before that it was failures of epic propotions. So I was really looking forward to being challenged!

So I've done dots in Illamasqua colours, Jo'mina, Devotee Optimist and Collide over OPI Alpine Snow. Really I should have found a darker orange/light red to match closer but I think it worked out ok. The main point is that I had a lot of fun doing it!

Again I was really pleased with how the dots turned out. I'm so happy that I finally can say that I can dot! YAY! Possibly the only thing that I wasn't happy with is the fact that the orange decided to bled slightly but that's my fault for not testing out the polish before hand.

Tomorrow I'll post up what magic Natalia created as her part in the mani swap. In the meantime if you want to see more maniswaps, head to instagram and look for the hashtag #maniswap


  1. Thanks for your kind words - I love your interpretation!


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