Saturday, June 14, 2014

.... Mckfresh Charity Duo - Coral Kisses & Bubble Toes ...

Something super special today! During the past week I received some fantastic mail in the post.

(photo from instagram)

I was very lucky to be a winner in the Charity Raffle over at MeiMeis Signatures that was full of one of a kind polishes! I received a beautiful duo from Aussie indie brand Mckfresh Nail Attire.

There is a fantasic coral polish named Coral Kisses and also a glitter combo in a white base named Bubble Toes. I was so excited to be a winner and it's not often that I'm organised enough to have swatches straight away but here goes!!

Coral Kisses seems to have a bit of everything. Apart from the divine colour, there is a soft scattered holo throughout and on top of that there is beautiful golden red shimmer going on as a bonus.

So pretty! I've forgotten how much I love coral polishes. And I'm so excited that this one made it's way into my life!

Onto the second polish ... Bubble toes consists of various sized and shaped glitter in black, purple and shades of pink, all in a milky white base.

Now I'm not the biggest glitter fan out there but I really liked this. I love the colours and most of all I love that it dries smooth without having to smother it in top coat. I've put a coat of Seche Vite on top of this anyway but I love any glitters that are smooth. If there is a hint of bumps or lumps, I will pick at it and that's a nervous habit that I try to avoid.

If you want to see more polishes at their new homes, check out the tag #meimeicharityraffle
on Instagram!

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