Thursday, February 23, 2012

... 7 days - 7 ways! Day 4 ...

7 days - 7 ways!
Day 4 - Glitter top coat
Mode Cosmetics - Diamante
Hurrah - over half way there and I've still got plenty of ideas to show you. In fact I'm considering having another series or two in the future with more ways to get the most out of your polish.

Today is really simple and it's a glitter top coat. I've chosen to use Mode Cosmetics in Diamante. If you used Diamante on it's on you are sure to be disappointed as it's basically just a clear polish with glitter but if you layer it over an existing polish that's where the fun starts.  I had quick look on Google for swatches for this polish and I think it's been given a rough go as really it's beautiful.

This is 2 coats of Diamante over Bo Peep and I won't lie - this looks WAY better in real life. The glitter reflects red, green and gold in certain light which I struggled to catch on camera - I originally thought it may be a holo but each glitter piece always reflects the same regardless of where you move.  Heads up that you will need a clear top coat if you want it to be smooth as the glitter pieces are slightly bumpy.
Mode is another one of those cheaper brands that live in selected Chemists around the country. RRP is $2.45 which isn't going to break the budget and it's well worth a try


  1. Yep, you can't go wrong with a glitter top coats. Very pretty!

  2. How do you find they quality of Mode? I've seen em around but not sure on how they are?

  3. @hollysagemini - I've always found them easy to use and fast drying which is a bonus. They also aren't stinky like other cheap polishes. For $2.45 it's worthwhile at least trying one out for yourself :)


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