Friday, February 3, 2012

... Essence Sun Club - 03 BBC Splash Refresh ...

Essence Sun Club - 03 BBC Splash Refresh
Purchased from Target - $3.50 AUD
 And we continue on from where we left off yesterday - we're up to polish 3 in the Bondi Beach Collection and I'm quite liking this one. This is Splash Refresh and it's a Aqua colour that seems to shift from more green to more blue depending on your lighting. Definitely reminds me of the Pacific Ocean!

As with the other colours so far - this is 3 coats with quick drying time. No lumps and definitely not watery like yesterdays effort!
 Looking more blue
And the same polish looking more green.

** Final Verdict **
My favourite polish from this collection so far. I love the way the colour changes depending on the light and I really like how beautiful it is!


  1. This is really pretty! Is it a creme? I love cremes that seem to change colour in different lights, like OPI Skull and Glossbones!

  2. Oh I haven't picked up this shade yet! So pretty, would be nice to wear on holiday as well

  3. These are lovely. Our Target's have the crappiest selection of Essence at the moment.


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