Thursday, February 16, 2012

... A England - Perceval ...

A England - Perceval
Purchased from A England - £9.00 [Aussie price depends on exchange rates]
I can't believe I had this sitting in my Helmer still with the bubblewrap on for so long. This is Perceval and it's a beautiful dark metallic red.

This is 3 coats and it's gorgeous. It's glossy and shiny and really pretty. I found it easy to apply and fast drying but if you have ridges I would highly recommend going for a base filler before hand as being a metallic it does like to show imperfections.  The true colour is slightly darker than what the picture shows [well on my folks monitor anyway!]
** Final Verdict **
If you like bright shiny reds on your fingertips then you'll want this one for your collection and with free shipping if you buy from A England site it's worthwhile waiting for a great day on the exchange rates!

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