Thursday, February 2, 2012

... Essence Sun Club - 02 BBC Chasing Waves ...

Essence Sun Club - 02 BBC Chasing Waves
Purchased from Target - $3.50 AUD
Chasing Waves is the 2nd polish from the Essence Sun Club "Bondi Beach Collection" [I can see why they shortened it to BBC! That's a mouthful!]. It's a rather pretty pastel green. I'm not sure how that relates to waves at Bondi though as I'd be seriously worried if I was to go swimming in something this particular colour. It's not exactly a sea green. I guess if I squint it kinda looks the same.
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Enough of that - this is 3 coats of Chasing Waves and first impressions are that the polish is slightly runny but that seems to work in its favour as it's easy to eliminate any streaks. As with majority of Essence polishes the dry time was rather quick which is great if you are in a hurry.
** Final Verdict **
If you have the patience and don't mind working with a runny polish then you might want to pick this up if you are in need of a green. Really green is understated and there should be more green polishes in the world! It's a pretty colour [even if I don't agree totally with the name] and the price on all these Essences is enough to really make you want to go and try it without breaking the budget.

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