Thursday, February 9, 2012

... Essence Sun Club - 05 BBC Golden Sands ...

Essence Sun Club - 05 BBC Golden Sands
Purchased from Target - $3.50 AUD
Woohoo! Lucky last!  This is Golden Sands and if you buy the whole collection this one stands out straight away. Mainly because the other 4 polishes are all cremes while this is definitely a foil.  I'm torn on whether it was a good or bad marketing ploy to have 1 totally different as I love the fact it's so beautiful but I don't like the fact that it's so different from the other 4. I love the fact that it stands out but I don't like how it looks out of place. Ah - the never ending cycle.

So this is 3 coats of Golden Sands and it's a gorgeous metallic brown with brown glitter and there appears to be a handful of gold flakes included. The name of this polish definitely fits though. Golden Sands. Mmmmm Beach!
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As the other polishes it dried quickly but being a foil it likes to show any nail imperfections. If you have bad ridges a ridge filler would be the way to go underneath. Also removal is not as easy as the cremes due to those little flakes that like to cling to the nail.
** Final Verdict **
This a beautiful foil. A fantastic colour that screams beach and definitely reflects summer. I can see that this is going to be a well worn colour for me ... well if summer decides to return *looks outside at overcast weather*


  1. Yes, definitely perfection on you. Damn, I think this will look nice on me too. *Adds another essence to list for when next in target*

  2. This is so nice! I have to check them out when I go to Target next! :-)


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