Tuesday, February 28, 2012

... Cate Ruby - New Yorker ...

Cate Ruby - New Yorker
Purchased from Cate Ruby - $14.95 AUD [with free shipping!]

♫ Start spreading the news ♫
♫ I am leaving today ♫
♫ I want to be a part of it ♫
♫ New York ... New York ♫

This is the latest polish from Cate Ruby. Isn't she pretty!! A beautiful bright red to sweep the blues away [ooh - bad colour pun]

Anyway ... it's fast drying and honestly you could get away with a single coat if you wanted too. I've used 2 for these photos but only cos I wanted too. Application was a dream ... smooth and painless.

For some reason my camera hates reds [and blues, and purples ... ugh] so the actual colour is more like the original bottle shot that I've shown. I was hoping to rephoto this on my husbands camera tonight but I've just managed to snag a nail so I'm back to nubbins *sad*
It came wrapped in a pretty bag! How cute is this!

** Final Verdict **
A beautiful red that is bright and happy. I've had a love/hate relationship with reds as a lot don't play nice with my skin tone but this one definitely does.

PS - Excuse the blog mess ... I decided for some reason in the middle of the night to get up and fiddle with the blog settings and lets just say I now wish I'd just let it be. Bare with me!


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