Monday, October 22, 2012

... This is Halloween Nail Art - Gradient ...

I'm unsure what gradients have to do with Halloween but I really wanted to steer clear of traditional colours.

My beautiful friend Mandy sent me a big bag of Candy Corn which I was so super excited about. Candy Corn is a rarity in Australia and I didn't know until this year that there were many flavours!!
I have been trying to improve my gradients lately and I'm quite impressed with how I'm getting with them.
For this I chose to use Ulta3 Lily White with Cult Nails Deal with It and I've topped with the Essence gel coat with a coat of quick dry polish on top. Super smooth!!
Not the perfect gradient but if you flick back to previous attempts they are fantastic!! Anyway I thought they matched the delicious candycorn perfectly!
Note to self ... don't grab fingers when they look yummy [and ewwww - red wrinkly hand!]
** Now clicky on these links to see more Gradient art. As for me ... I'm now hungry!! **


  1. That is so awesome! I've never seen that candy before, I want some...:(

  2. I've never seen green candy corn before! Love your gradients :)

  3. Very good job! I think it looks a lot like the candy corn. :o)


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