Sunday, October 28, 2012

... Tony Moly - GT02 ...

Tony Moly - GT02
I was gifted this bottle but you can find Tony Moly on eBay or there is a limited range in Morning Glory stores in Adelaide.
Today I'm bringing you this beauty from Tony Moly! I can't believe it's been sitting untried for so long when it's seriously beautiful.

It's a smokey graphite colour with beautiful micro glitter in pink, blue and silver to surprise you! I've used 3 coats in these swatches and it was fast drying. It had really good wear time aswell! I had limited tip wear and no chips days later. Score!
Be warned that this likes to eat top coat - nom nom nom but honestly that is the only flaw I could find in this polish at all.
** Final Verdict **
Definitely one I will wear again ... and again! It's seriously stunning and the glitters make it perfect. Well worth getting your hands on!


  1. this looks like a pretty unique glitter

  2. that's a gorgeous sparkly polish!!

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  4. It's stunning! Shame about the topcoat thing. I bet it's a bitch to remove too. It's lovely, though.


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