Thursday, March 1, 2012

... It's FRANKENMARCH ....

Woohoo!! Welcome to FrankenMarch - that happy month of the year filled with franken and custom polish love!

And I'm kicking it off with a Franken making contest! So grab your empty jars and creativity and make some beauties for the world to see!! The possibilities of pretties is endless! My favourite giveaways via blogs have been franken contests. Hands down. It's nice to have to pull out the thinking cap and have fun!!

So ... for the all important questions! What can you win and how can you do it?

The total prize pool is below.  5 full size Glitter Gals - yes the big bottles that you can now buy! Oooh - pretty!
Colours up for grabs are  ...
Brain Freeze, Code Red, 10 to midnight, Bruised Ego and Lizard Belly
** Disclaimer ** 
This prize pool may be divided up among more than 1 winner so please keep that in mind

... Rules ...
* You must be a follower of Shatter me Claire via GFC to enter [new followers welcome!]
* One entry per person! Multiple entries will be disqualified.
* One photo per person which must include nails attached to your hands and the bottle [please no shots of nail wheels or falsies on a stick]
* It's totally up to you how you make your franken. It can be made from mixing other polishes together or made from scratch as a custom polish. The sky is the limit!
* You must leave your recipe as to how you made your franken
* Please don't post your franken on your blog, website or on Facebook until the voting has started! So after it appears here on March 16. Fair is fair!
* No frankens will be accepted that have already been shown online or that are available for sale
* Yes you can watermark your creations but I will link back to your blog anyway if you provide the link
* I will only attempt to send the prize parcel out once. I can't be held for any responsiblity regarding if it's returned to sender.

So after all that ... please email 1 photo of your franken - along with your name, GFC name, blog name [if you have one] franken name, recipe and a short blurb about it to me at and you need to do this ON OR BEFORE MARCH 14 [I will wait until the entire world is off that date to stop any issues with working out timezones!]

Voting will start 16 March [Aussie time!] and run until the end of 30 March [again I will wait until the entire world is no longer on that date].

Easy!! Any questions just ask away. Good luck and I'm really excited to see what creations you lot come up with.


  1. What a great idea and awesome prizes too! I hope I'll have time to come up with something! *fingers crossed*

  2. Great idea! I can not wait to see what people come up with.

  3. i might actually do this, very exciting!!!!

  4. SWEEETTT - Inspiration to get frankening again! AMAZING Prize!! Thanks so much. *Off to put date in calendar*

  5. great contest, I just sent you mine too :-) how will the voting go?


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