Saturday, June 25, 2011

... blog suggestions ...

Hey you guys - I'm after some suggestions of new blogs to read - mainly ones about nail polish!

While I'm doing a lot of surfing and clicking off peoples blog rolls I'd love some suggestions of peoples personal favourites to read or recommendations of someone who is like me and new to blogger.

Thought I'd through it out there!

Enjoy your Saturday - I'll leave you with a picture of some pretty Nfu-Ohs that I received weeks ago and was so excited about receiving it ... but I haven't yet swatched :( Must get onto that!


  1. welllll, if you're looking for a nail polish blog, I have one :) I'm fairly new, only a couple of months old. Oh, and those Nfu-Ohs look uh-mazing. especially that middle nudey one. and that forest green.

    hope you'll check me out!

  2. nfu oh flakies and holographic are really gorgeous! :)

    im still new on blogging,hehe i only have 37 followers, :P

  3. I have a blog too you can check mine out!
    I'm not sure which you follor since I am on my phone but I like my friend Ambers
    Rebecca likes nails is awesome
    I'll link some when I wake up tomorrow from my comp!
    There is a Facebook group called nail polish and gossip with a bunch of awesome girls & guy (lol only one guy thus far) it's nice to learn about them and find new blogs

  4. I'm a new blogger too and I'm doing my first giveaway. check it out:

  5. I'm a new blogger too!! Check my site out if you want! I just started following yours!


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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