Thursday, June 16, 2011

... Face of Australia - Titanium ...

Face of Australia - Titanium
Purchased from Priceline - $4.95 [on sale this week at Big W for $3.95!]

Yes ... another silver! I promise I do have other colours in my collection [which seems to be growing daily ... I'm sure I'll be back on "no buy" soon *sad*]

I'll be honest - this was an impulse buy ... and one that I don't regret at all! I picked this up from my local Priceline while buying cough syrup for my sick children and it was there on the counter shining at me!!! How could I resist throwing it into the collection of stuff I was buying!

This is from the Face of Australia Molten Metallics collection which I think is a fab collection of metallics. All are shiny and bright and everything you expect a metallic to be.

Titanium is a bright silver. It catches the sun and reflects! It's not a shimmer or a glitter - it's just a bright foil colour. My kids refer to it as "Robot Fingers". So think shiny brand new machinery [not dirty factory machinery - eww]

It's also a one coater!! WOW!!! One coat will completely cover your nail in silver without going gloopy or blotchy or smudge city before it dries - but a word of caution ... this one is a real pain to get off of your skin if you make a boo-boo [hence the shocking pinky finger in the pic below]

** Final Verdict **
I love the fact this polish goes on with a single coat! It probably won't be the best loved of my silver polishes [I still love Heavy Metal from piCture pOlish] but I have been using this as a base coat a lot especially for nail art [I also used it in my franken- All about Sass]. It's simple yet striking.

[edited] Big W have a 20% off Face of Australia polish sale on now!! I went and brought some other colours - for $3.95 it's worth a try and it's not going to break your budget!


  1. Lovely! I have been looking for a true foil rather than one with a shimmer, I might just pick that one up.

    Do you find though, that they scrap off easily? Or is it just me? lol

  2. I haven't found it to be too bad with a top coat on. I'll put it to the "long term wear" test later in the week for you :D


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