Tuesday, June 14, 2011

... First attempt at mummy tape mani ...

I wasn't going to upload this but as someone pointed out - if I don't record where I started I won't have anything later to compare my efforts too.

I decided to give the mummy tape mani from Nailside a go while I was feeling half creative and wasn't in the mood to wrestle my existing polish off.

So here is the result - not the clearest of lines so I'm not totally happy with it but it's a start! And I figure you have to start somewhere!

Colours used were Picture Polish in Heavy Metal [left over from my last post!] and BYS in Garnet

I actually really like these colours and want to do it again [although I might go for a feature nail the other way around with colours]

Any tips and handy hints appreciated :)


  1. Here are my tape mani tips.

    1) Make sure to stick the tape to your palm or arm a few times so that it isn't so sticky that it pulls the polish up with it.

    2) Pull it up quickly, don't wait too long. It really does depend on the polish though. You want to pull it up before it sets but not so quickly that it runs.


  2. Thanks Miss Reece ♥ I was ok with it not pulling up my existing polish [that piCture pOlish one is a stubborn one!] but just the bleeding under the tape :( Going to buy new tape and sharper scissors and try again :)

  3. ahihihi! soooo cute! ^_^

    Love neelai


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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