Monday, June 20, 2011

... Mode Cosmetics - Party Girl ...

Mode Cosmetics - Party Girl
Purchased from Carrig Chemists - $2.45

My camera really hated this colour so apologies in advance for the photos - for some reason it decided that the colour was light blue and I couldn't do anything to make it appear more green like it actually is ... in the end I had to borrow my husbands phone camera to try and get the colour to appear more like it is. The photos still don't do it justice.

With a name like "party girl" I had to test this polish out. I love polish with quirky names that catch your attention. Although on saying that - when I think "party" the colour aquamarine doesn't exactly spring to mind. But each to their own.

This colour jumped at me out of the polish bin - it reminded me of my last car. It's a bright aqua that seems to change between blue and green depending on the light. There is a tiny bit of shimmer to the polish as well so it's not a flat colour but it's not glittery either.

I really struggled to capture this colour as a sea green which is a shame as it's so lovely.

Streak free and quick drying. 2 coats for a perfect finish.
[Looking more blue than green in the sunshine!]

** Final Verdict **
I'll be wearing this one again in the future. I like the fact that it changes colour between the blue and the green and the fact that it's cheap, streak free and easy to apply makes it all a bonus.


  1. Ohhh I have this one.. I haven't had the chance to use it yet though.

    My fave from that brand is Arsonist and High Fashion.

  2. LOL - I just found Arsonist in the bottom of my handbag :D I'd totally forgotten about it. Such a pretty colour!


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