Friday, June 17, 2011

... Friday Favourites ...

Wayhey - it's another episode of Friday Favourites :D

Maybelline mini Colorama - 67 Wonder Violet
Available from Target/Priceline/Big W - $5.95

I love purple. It's just a colour that has always jumped out at me, made me smile and has been one of my favourite colours for years. But ... I struggled to find a perfect purple polish for years. They were always too dull or too blue or too black or the total wrong shade. All hope was lost ... until this came along.

It is a bright purple but it has shimmers of blue and gold throughout. It's definitely not a dull colour and always brightens up my day when I wear it :) 

I know I've said it before but I love mini bottles. It's the only way I have been able to use up a full bottle of polish in the past. Just seems to be fantastic not to have all that waste!

[Ooh ... just realised how red and wrinkled my hand is looking in this photo - sorry bout that! My hands aren't liking this cold winter weather]

** Final Verdict **
I love this polish. It's been in my top 5 for years and I just can't stop wearing it! ♥ I'll also mention that this polish has an extremely long wear life even without a topcoat which is great for when you are feeling lazy! I generally can get 5 days out of this colour without touchups before the wear around the tips starts to look dreadful. A definite plus!

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