Friday, June 24, 2011

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Welcome to another Friday Favourites! I still have plenty more of my fave polishes to review for you guys!!   Also we are now on Twitter :) I'm still a Twitter noob but I'd love more people to follow. My name is ShattermeClaire - so get too it! :D

Scandal - Mirage Pink
Purchased from and price unknown :( Wish I could remember

I found this polish in Melbourne really by chance when I was visiting recently and honestly have been kicking myself that I only brought 2 colours and not a whole lot more!

Back then I didn't own any Nfu-Oh and I was only starting to get into polish and I really wanted a pretty corset bottle ... and I didn't care what was in it! So I grabbed this one and another off the clearance rack and left happy with my purchase. I won't say that it's an Nfu-Oh "fake" as if it really wanted to be a fake it would have Nfu-Oh spelt incorrectly on the bottle with horrible smelling contents inside. It just happens to be another pretty corset bottle which happens to have decent polish inside!

The brand is Scandal and I've always assumed it comes from Korea as I picked it up from a Korean chemist ... the internet wasn't extremely helpful when I brought these in knowing more details. [Google says they have a webpage but my virus protector won't let me anywhere near it!]

This one is mirage pink and it tends to change between the colours rose pink, orange and gold depending on the light. I saw a similar colour to this the other day which was Revlon Kiss Me Coral but whether they swatch similar is another thing all together. I've got it now on my wishlist to try and get hold off!

I haven't yet tried this with a dark base but I've found that's a bit on the sheer side so you'll need 2-3 coats. It's streak free and quick drying.

You can see a bit of the gold shine through in the bottle :) I only own 2 Scandal polishes but I can't get either to line up properly again with the corset top *sad* :(

** Final Verdict **
I am so happy that I found this polish. It's one of my favourites as it's not bright enough to be overpowering but easy enough to wear everyday yet still grab peoples attention. Pretty!


  1. Ohhhh nice! Dont ya hate when that happens? lol.

    Hey did you get your package yet? :o)

  2. I got it off the postie like 5 minutes ago and was about to send you a note!!! You can probably hear me squealing like a little girl with excitement :D

  3. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!! I hope you enjoy :o)

  4. Very pretty colour <3


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