Thursday, June 23, 2011

... Chemistry 203 ...

Chemistry - 203
Essential Beauty/ Essential Distribution - $4.55
[current sale - if you buy 5 bottles its $3.95 each]

I went out of my way to get my hand on some Chemistry polishes after I'd heard about them on the MakeupAlley boards. They are definitely Ozotic dupes to the point that they have the same number!

They don't come in the pretty round bottles that the Ozotics do and you get 1ml less polish [it's only 15ml bottles] ... but the price is a lot cheaper! Ozotics are generally between $12.95-$14.95 and these basic Chemistry branded polishes retail for under $5 [the multi-chromatics are only $9.95 if you buy them singular - I paid $3.95 for the few I got my hands on! Wooooo]

203 isn't much to write home about by itself but it's a great as a top coat. It's a clear polish with red glitter and holographic strips. Sparkle City!!! Glitters in clear polish generally looks fantastic in the bottle but are bitterly disappointing when on the nail. I'm so glad this didn't let me down!!
[Nails just look black in this one but check out the holos in the bottle! Woah!]
[blurry photo to check out the red glitter goodness!]

** Final Verdict **
If you already have the Ozotic Pro version then don't bother ... but if you are in Australia and too poor to fork out for the Ozotic versions then I'd definitely give this a try!  I love the shiny red glitter when the sun catches it. Definitely a whole lot better than most glitter polishes that come my way!

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