Wednesday, June 1, 2011

... Ozotic Pro 504 ...

Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatic 504 - Twilight
Purchased online from - $14.95
Why paint your nails one single colour that remains the same when you can do a range in one go!!

I have been waiting so impatiently since I ordered my first batch of goods from PicturePolish and it finally arrived during the week. Included was my first batch of Ozotic Pro polishes and can't stop looking at them. They sparkle, they catch the sun and they make me smile everytime I see them.

There hasn't been that much sun around my area lately but I found that I could easily get my nails to change from really from a deep dark blue to a bright purple and all the colours in between. The bottle seems to indicate there are a lot more colours hidden in there!

This is an extremely easy polish to use - trust me. I generally make a mess of at least one finger but no issues here whatsoever. The polish itself is very shiny and smooth. I've layered it over a black base coat just to make sure the colour could stand out and although I've done 2 coats for these photos you could easily get away with one as the colour definitely came through straight away.

I found it dried relatively quickly aswell which is fantastic. I should point out that both these photos were taken day 3 of were WITHOUT a top coat/hardener [I got lazy]. I've got a big fat zero chips which is such a bonus for a great colour. I haven't bothered retouching it up yet as I wanted to see how long I could go before it decided to come apart on me ... but no sign yet.

I've tried to take photos grabbing the fantastic colours that reflect out of this polish but it's so hard to grab them all.

** Final Verdict **
You know you want this!!! It's shiny, it changes colour and I guarantee it'll make you go into a goofy grin everytime you catch the light reflecting off your nails. I will easily give it 10/10


  1. Damn right I want it! Hahaha. I have been eyeing them off for a looooong time, I just never knew where to get them from :o)

  2. Glad I could help :) And thanks for being my first commenter *feels the love*

  3. Your welcome :o) When I can figure out how to follow you then I will. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

  4. That's me being a noob with my layout - I'll play with it today and make sure the follow button is back :)

  5. Hehe, have followed. I love your layout by the way. If you get a chance, pop by my blog if you want :o) xx


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