Tuesday, June 7, 2011

... Picture Polish - Razzle Dazzle ...

Picture Polish - Razzle Dazzle
Purchased online from PicturePolish.com.au - $9.95

One day I'll stop buying pretty shiny reflective polishes just 'cos they look pretty. I couldn't resist how fantastic this bottle looks ... purples, greens, blues, silvers ... all winking at me and saying "Buy Me"!

Let's be honest ... although the bottle is every so pretty - the polish itself is only clear with tiny flecks of glitter scattered through out.  It's from Picture Polishes "Glitter" range which I guess is just that - glitter in a bottle with some clear varnish. Shame though as that bottle colour is so awesome.

I could have gone and brought some dollar shop cheapies in those 4 glitter colours and done my nails and saved some cash. The glitter itself isn't too bad but I wanted some oomfph, some bling, some razzle dazzle!

This is shown over my own franken creation "All about Sass"

** Final Verdict **
I'll say this - I was disappointed at first with this polish when I put it on until about 24 hours later when I was outside and realised how fantastic it looks against a metallic colour. I only put the Razzle Dazzle on one hand so I could really appreciate the difference. Also unlike most glitters - this one actually feels smooth without a top coat to fill in the gaps. I haven't found myself picking at the glitter as it's all bumpy - cos it's not there!

While I can't see myself wearing it as a polish alone I can definitely see myself getting it out for a top layer again


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  1. How many coats did you use? It might build up to opacity in a few coats?

  2. On that photo - at least 6 :( Wasn't game enough to add more incase it went gluggy. I'll take a photo soon of it just plain with no base

    And hello *squish*


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