Thursday, June 30, 2011

... splatter attempt 2 ...

I'm seriously loving the splatter look and it's so easy to recreate! There are plenty of tutorials out there so this is just answering the questions I was asked last time both from here, via email and from friends.

[My nails are still painted in Inglot 627 that I reviewed earlier and my splatter polish is Face of Australia Molten Metallics in Gold]

What straws do you use?
Personally I've just been using the kids drinking straws. These are thin straws that I'd picked up from Ikea - they are nothing super special. I wouldn't recommend those bigger straws like the ones from McDonalds but I've heard people have had great success with straws from fruitboxes/poppers/juiceboxes. For the official record these only have a 1cm diameter.

How do you get the paint onto the straw?
From all the tutorials I've seen most put a tab of polish onto a plate or some foil and dab the straw in it. I'm pretty slack so I've just been putting the straw into the actual polish bottle.
Be warned ... if you do it this way you need to make sure you don't have a lot of polish hanging on the outside of your straw. Gravity will be your enemy if you do and you'll end up with giant splotches of where it's just dropped off your straw. If that happens then when you are finish just scoop up the extra polish with the brush and put it back in the bottle

What do your nails look like after the splatter?
Well messy is the simple version. I know others wrap tape around their nails to stop the excess run off onto the nails but I don't bother. Cleanup is really simple and easy after you are done and especially if the nails are still went. I grab some nail polish remover and cotton buds/q-tips and get to work. Should be pretty simple unless you are using glitter then you'll need to get scrubbing!

I've just realised that this looks like chunky baby poo - ewwwww. Sorry about that. Grab your polish brush and pick up some of the extra polish and put it back in the bottle. Then put a clear top coat on and it should be nice and flat with no lumps and bumps :)

Voila - Final product! Ooh ... pretty!


  1. I am going to try this!!!!! This idea is so new to me! Thanks for sharing! Also, I like the colors you choose.

  2. Ahh I really want to try this now! I just need to find some small straws like that.

  3. Would love to see photos if you try it :)

  4. this looks pretty!

    Following you now ;D


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