Sunday, June 19, 2011

... fake OPI mini bottles...

I received some 100% fake OPI minis during the week from eBay [luckily I had a decent seller who is happy to refund in full without a fight- hoorah!] and I found that there are plenty of sites via google to look at to give you handy advice on what to look out for on full sized bottles but I really struggled to find much on minis at all.

Most of the information given out on "how to tell if your OPI is fake" doesn't even apply to minis as the mini bottles don't have a serial number on the top and they don't have a label on the bottom [recent ones at least have serial numbers printed on the bottom glass]

As soon as I opened the packet I thought they were fakes but still asked a fantastic polish loving friend to confirm for me [thanks Reece ♥ ]

So here are a few photos of what I received in hope that it will help someone else out there in the future if they receive something similar and are unsure if they've got the real deal or not.

Fake bottles around a genuine OPI mini - notice the bottom glass is a lot bigger on the fakes compared to the middle bottle.

Dodgy bottom sticker complete with Asian text.
[I also found if you peeled the label off the the bottles were engraved with single or double digit numbers]

It's a shame that they were such poor quality polish [and disgusting smell] but fortunately they all looked a million percent better in the bottles then they do on nails - that definitely makes me feel a whole lot better about returning them!

Here's the colours I tested out ... see they look ok in the bottle but in real life ... yick! Definitely nothing special and nothing to write about. [These are all shown over my favourite black - Coral Colours in Black Sateen]

Exciting stuff hey ... probably the worst thing I've ever put on my nails.

So there you go - lessons here are ... don't buy polishes off eBay [even if they do slug you a small fortune for it] and that Google is your friend in regards to finding out more if you are thinking that your polish isn't genuine.


  1. Thats so gross! I'm disgusted that there are people out there who sell fake things for 3 times more than what theyre worth. Have you seen those fake mac 120 palettes? Times like them that I wish ebay don't hide the names of the bidders. At least you got your money back :o).

    Not all of ebay sellers sell fake opi, I guess you just have to be careful :o).

  2. I've heard about those MAC palettes! Someone else I know got a dodgy one. It's a shame that there are people like that out in the world who just want to make a quick dollar.


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