Saturday, October 29, 2011

... Cate Ruby - Tate ...

Cate Ruby -Tate
Purchased from Cate Ruby Online - $14.95 AUD
 Miss me?? I've been feeling a bit bleh the last few days and not up to doing my nails. Originally I thought I must have drunk a lot more than I thought I had - more than likely I had some sort of flu bug instead. Ugh. Incidentally those wedding nails last 5 days before tip wear got the better of it ... nice one!

So to get myself out of the funk here is a beautiful vibrant pink. This is "Tate" by Cate Ruby and as always - I LOVE the bottle! I'm showing 2 coats of awesomeness on this swatch. It applies beautifully with no streaks or lumps and has such a beautiful glossy finish to it. Plus it's pink ... how can pink not make you smile?
** Final Verdict **
Easy to apply, great to look at, fantastic colour and hopefully going to help me smile for the rest of the day instead of lying on my sickbed. Hoorah!

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