Wednesday, October 26, 2011

... Wedding Nails ...

I apologise in advance for the strange week of posts. I don't often swatch in advance so when things get busy I'm often stuck without posts.

Anyhoo ... my brother got married on the weekend so here are my wedding nails. If I had thought ahead I would have photographed this the day before instead of going "oh i haven't done that yet" a day later.

I basically wanted something that wasn't in your face and that would match my dress! I was originally going for DS Classic but as the weather has been tempermental I wasn't too sure I wanted to go holo as my rule of thumb is "if you want it to rain it's guaranteed as soon as you put a holo polish on"

I ended up deciding on this ... it's not my best work but I was too tired after putting my hair in curlers to set overnight to redo it.
Zoya Dove with stamping in NYC Color - Magneta [tips] and Face of Australia Molten Metallic [base] - Amethyst using Konad plate m65
Oh and here's me in my flowery dress ... not the best pic but the only one I could find wear I wasn't wearing a jacket over the top.
Oh and a photo of the bridal party [taken from the gavin male webpage]

Oh yeah - if you haven't already gone to enter my Pumpking Guessing Contest then head that way now!!! DO IT!!


  1. Those nails match your dress perfectly

  2. Thanks mate ... got 2 more weddings to get through now before the end of the year - it's never-ending!

  3. I agree: they're a perfect match! Nicely done.

  4. Wow! If this is not your best work I really want to see more stamping! =D it's wonderful and it compliments the dress perfectly!

  5. Love the nails and your dress. And that's such a cute photo of you! I have a wedding this weekend and I haven't even thought of nails yet!


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