Saturday, October 1, 2011

... October No Buy ...

Hello October and hello again no buy :(  I have spent WAYYYYYY too much during September so this has to happen - I'm hoping I won't have to extend it into November but we'll see how we go.  Now by writing this all down here that makes it official! *sad*
... Exceptions ...
* Mailing of swaps I haven't done yet [I consider that a polish cost]
* Clear polish [for frankening purposes]
* Polish remover
* Nail Files
* Hand Cream
* Paying for polishes that others have brought for me and I haven't paid for yet
* Things to go in the box for Reece!

Now with that official announcement out the way ... moving on ...


  1. Oh no, another No Buy already. Good Luck!

  2. Oh it's shocking once I looked at the costs. I love doing swaps but I'm fast going broke ... but never fear! I have plenty of untrieds to get me through the month ... plus I really need to do a franken week :)

  3. YES!! I am doing exactly the same as you!!! We can support each other :D I freaked out a little when I had all the polishes I bought in Adelaide lined up.. AND I still have a Revlon order and Bloom order coming from Ozsale and the Picture Polish polishes I won!!

  4. My Ozsale stuff rocked up today Em so hopefully yours isn't too far away :) Annoying I ordered 8 polishes and I only got 3 with a note saying they sold out of the others :( Grrrrr

  5. Mine rocked up yesterday, it's waiting at the post office for me! Stupid delivery lady didn't drop 'em back at the PO yesterday so I went to get them and there was nothing there :(

    OHHH nooooooo!! that is so rude! I hope they didn't do that to me.. I deliberately didn't buy some Blooms on clearance in Target because they were coming from Ozsale.. Grrr..

    Did you order Revlon and Bloom or just one? Did they give you a refund for the ones you didn't get?


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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