Saturday, October 15, 2011

... Nubar - Reclaim ...

Nubar - Reclaim
Gifted by Jamie - Thanks so much!!
I'm back baby!! My arm is now nearly 100% better [I'm only having pains if I lean heavily on it] and I'm back. Honestly I probably could have been back swatching a few days ago but I really wanted to do nothing but rest.

The sun was out today so I thought I should try and take advantage of it with a holo. My past experiences usually mean if I put on a holo polish then the sun disappears for a week but today was pretty good. Hurrah!

This is Nubar Reclaim - straight off my Wishlist to you. I've been extremely lucky lately and had many fantastic swaps in the last few months that have pretty much wiped out my wishlist. I need to really start adding more to it instead of saying on blogs [and then I forget what it was].

This is 3 coats of excitement. Zero application dramas. No streaks. Fast drying. Fantastic!!

Really it is a gorgeous green and after looking through my drawer most of my green holos are either really dark or extremely light while this is just a beautiful forest green colour. It really does have a beautiful linear holographic goodness going on in the sun.
[Outdoors - sparkle sparkle]
* Final Verdict *
Gorgeous green, gorgeous holo, extremely easy to use with fast drying. I'm glad I had this one on my wishlist! It's also fantastic polishes that come in swaps like this that help my no buy go quicker - I've been really good with half the month gone. I've purchased only 3 polishes for other people and I had to break it for the piCture pOlish / Womans Day deal as $8 for 2 piCture pOlishes is too good to pass up. Hopefully the rest of the month will go as quickly *fingers crossed*


  1. Green holo! OMG! It's amazing. I don't have a single green holo yet.

  2. Looks fantastic on you! There was sun today? I just woke up

  3. I have this and am in love with it! I love green I love holos so it's the best of both worlds! As my dad used to say "if it hurts doing that, don't do it". Yeah he's silly!

  4. So glad you're back! That sun pic is awesome :)

  5. So awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This one is so very very gorgeous. <3 Glad you are on the mend!


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