Sunday, October 9, 2011

... Franken Week - Beautiful on the Inside ...

Unfortunately I am leaving Franken Week with a failed franken - I was really hoping to have time today to create something fantastic and new but unfortunately I fell on my arm last night and owie :( I'm pretty sure it's not broken but man it hurts - currently it's all puffy [and oddly not bruised], very sore and achy and my fingers keep having pins and needles which totally sucks. What even more sucks is that I did my dominant right hand and I'm now struggling with having to do things with 1 hand [and very much struggling writing this as it's so slow and my fingers just want to touchtype again!!]

This blurry mess is another shatter I created which I've named "Beautiful on the Inside". It's a pretty pale pink and the bottle is actually full of spectraflair ... because I forgot that shatters dry matte. So it's beautiful on the inside of the bottle as it's full of holo goodness but on the nail - meh.  Also the spectraflair made the polish rather thick to apply ... so yeah - don't do it!!!
[For everyones records this is Ozotic White Mosaic mixed with spectraflair and True Coral pigment]

And as I've had a few emailed questions about frankening shatters here are my top tips and I hope they help someone out in the future.

* Start small! It doesn't work like regular frankening - you can't just dump everything into a bottle with this one. It's a lot easier to get the formula right and then slowly add more on top.
* Don't use clear - it doesn't mix together with shatter/crackle polish nicely and you just have a bottle with a layer of clear on the top and the shatter underneath
* If you decide to try to mix with polish - again try in super small form first. You'll know if it's not going to work [I couldn't get any polish to work but hey - maybe someone will have better luck]
* If you use pigments - add them into your bottle first and then slowly add your shatter polish on top. SLOWLY! Mix regularly and test often to see if it actually crackles on your nails - if not you need more shatter added.

Oh and before I go and rest again check out a fun guestpost I did for Manicured Monkey :) CLICK CLICK CLICK


  1. Thank you for the frankening tips! I checked the guest post that was cute :) I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hope you arm is better soon - your guest post manicure is so pretty

  3. hope your arm is feeling better and it's nothing serious!

  4. Sorry about your ouchie - I hope it feels better soon. Thanks for the shatter frankening tips. I'm gonna have to give it a go I think. Sweet mani over on MM, and love the bling rings!


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