Tuesday, October 18, 2011

... Essence Colour & Go - Choose Me! ...

Essence Colour & Go - Choose Me!
Purchased by Jan in Ireland - Thanks mate!
I've been impatiently waiting for the sun to appear to swatch these beautiful Essence polishes that Jan sent over from Eire.  I sat looking at the collection of Essences for ages before deciding what to wear today and then the name hit me - Choose Me! How could I refuse!!

Choose Me is a beautiful green blue turquoise with blue and golden glitter throughout. The colour is extremely hard to describe as it seems to change from green to blue depending on the light and it is super beautiful indoors aswell as outdoors [but be warned that a visible nail line will appear outside unless you put a nude underneath which I was too lazy to do]

It is super fast drying, no lumps, no bumps, no unsightly bits - just a gorgeous colour. It also dries super smooth so even though there are clearly glitter particles throughout it isn't gritty or bumpy.

This seriously is up there with my favourite polishes. The brush is awesome and unlike those brushes that claim to be an easy one stroke - this actually is! I was a bit scared to start with once it fanned out and could cover my whole nail. Odd as it doesn't look like a mega mother of a brush.
[Indoors - Look at all those dots of golden sparkle!]
[Outside - note the colour change!]
** Final Verdict **
Beautifully stunning. Great from start to finish. Love love love!! Google seems to think this is a dupe for OPI Catch me in your net ... so fantastic!

Also from today I should be appearing more regularly on my Twitter and Facebook feeds. I was getting a bit slack there so I'm hoping that I can turn over a new leaf *fingers crossed* - feel free to add me!


  1. it's a dupe for a lot of polishes! i own most of them, and this one :) i think it's gorgeous!

  2. Ditto on the above comment ..... I have an orly that. Looks like it, they are all sooo pretty!

  3. amei a cor.
    ficou super legal.

  4. It's such an awesome colour. Maybe one day we'll get Essence here?

  5. Very pretty, love how you can see the different colours indoors and out.


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