Saturday, October 8, 2011

... Franken Week - Don't try this at home ...

Todays franken I've simply named "Don't try this at home".

If you are like me ... you wonder what would happen if you tamper with those holy grail of polishes. You know the ones I mean! The ones that people would walk barefoot over hot coals for in it's original form and then frame it when they get home.

And it got me thinking ... what if! Now I don't own Channel Peridot but I am curious to whether you can make that beautiful duochrome a multichrome - you see where I'm going?? I did warn you not to try this at home.

So I've pulled out the extremely close dupe of Chemistry 507 to tamper with - I'm sure I'm heading to some circle of hell now for this. Enjoy!

For comparison purposes my middle finger is the original 507 while the others are the franken!
Starting off looking similar
The red starts to shine through while the middle finger remains golden
A bit blurry but you get the idea. The original is green while the others shine on through red

** Recipe **
1 bottle of Chemistry 507
Scoops of Red-Green colour changing pigment [I have no idea how many I used ... enough to make it turn red]


  1. Wow you really have a flair for these frankening experiments - beautiful.

  2. I tried something like this, I used 505 and added gold/green pigment. Epic Fail. Don't try at home. Yours looks really great, with a nice colour shift. Your doing some cool stuff with the pigments.

  3. I always bow to people creative enough to try frankening. I'm not that person! This is great!

  4. So awesome! Love it!

  5. @Kitties 26 - Ooh 505 would be great with pigments!! I'll see how creative I get with other Ozotics when my arm is better.


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